Forex Trader's Job

Forex market is providing great opportunities to those willing and capable to seize them.

With the development of internet technology, this profession is now available to almost everyone. Nowadays, one of the most profitable and popular professions in the world’s financial markets is the profession of trader.

What is the main advantage of being an FX trader? First, it is a sense of freedom and independence. Forex trader’s job is particularly appealing to those who do not want to be tied to a particular place and time schedule. If you want to be in control over your time, Forex trader’s profession may be what you’re looking for.

You do have experience of managing financial assets

A trader’s job in TeleTrade is not only highly paid and prestigious, but also a dynamic and exciting profession. To remain profitable, a trader has to keep up to date with events of the global economy. A trader has to be able to identify important economic events and interpret them correctly.

The company offers Forex trader jobs for professionals dealing with finances.

If you have existing trading experience, please send us your trading statement and start your Forex trader’s career with us.

You do not have experience of managing real financial assets

It is the nature of our business - all decisions are made solely by the trader based on his/her own knowledge, experience and intuition.

Therefore, in order to start your career, you are required to take a specialized trading course, which will teach you the basics of financial trading. Then, in order to master your skills, you proceed to practice on a Demo account.  Only when you become proficient at trading on a Demo trading account, you can claim the position of trader.

If you lack the experience in financial markets, the company invites you to take on a Free Forex training that will provide you with fundamentals of the theory and practice of working in global financial markets. Should you meet specific conditions upon completion of the training course, employment opportunities as an asset manager will be provided.